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GDR 3 / Update 3 Preview for Windows Phone 8 On Nokia Lumia 920

Today, Microsoft announce that GDR 3 or Update 3 Preview for Windows Phone 8 will available for developer via Over The Air Update. This GDR 3 Preview is available for developer to be used for testing new features and also to testing their application on GDR 3 Update that will be released later this year or early 2014.

GDR 3 Preview for developer brings some new features for Windows Phone 8 such as custom ringtone for IM & messaging, Support for 1080p display, screen rotation lock and many more.

What's New on GDR 3 Preview
  • Support for 1080p display
  • More powerful hardware
    • In addition to larger screens, Update 3 will also bring support for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor. The added horsepower that this chip delivers should make our already-fluid operating system perform even better.
  • Close apps by tapping on the X on top right in multitasking view.
  • Custom tones for text or IM, voicemail, email and reminders
  • Better storage management:
    • New storage settings make it easier to free up space on your phone and manage temporary files. A new category view shows what's taking up space at a glance.
  • Screen Rotation lock
  • Driving Mode
    • A new feature called Driving Mode helps you get from point A to point B with fewer distractions. Working with a connected Bluetooth device, Driving Mode is designed to limit notifications on the lock screen—including texts, calls, and quick status alerts—until you’re safely parked.

  • Connect to Wi-Fi in OOBE when switching on your new phone for the first time or after you your reset your phone, so you can restore your data even before connecting to a cellular network.
  • Improved Internet Sharing
    • Many of you are familiar with the Internet Sharing feature, which turns Windows Phone 8 into a mobile hotspot by sharing your cellular data connection over Wi-Fi.In Update 3, we’ve made it easier to use your phone as a data-savvy hotspot for Windows 8.1 devices. Just pair your phone and Windows 8.1 PC or tablet over Bluetooth, tap your network name, and you'll be connected and ready to go. No need to enter a password or dig out your phone and turn on Internet Sharing—it's done for you.
  • Better Bluetooth
    • The team made a bunch of improvements to improve connection quality for Bluetooth accessories.

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