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Hands-On Nokia Coloud Boom Headphones HS-530

Back to July 2013, Nokia officially announced their 3 affordable Nokia Coloud Headset/Headphones in collaboration with Zound Insdutries - a creator of popular Coloud Headphones.

And today, we have Nokia Coloud Boom Headphones HS-530 at our house. We will try to give you more information and hands-on pictures about Nokia Coloud Boom Headphones HS-530 on this post. So please check this out.

Nokia Coloud Boom Headset is the biggest Nokia's Coloud Headphones/headset compare with Nokia Coloud knock and Nokia Coloud pop (in-ear headset). Nokia Coloud Boom is available in 3 different colors, Cyan, Yellow and Red.

The Nokia Coloud Boom comes with unique triangles transparent box. You can see all the Nokia Coloud Boom body without open the box. Inside the package, you will have 1 Unit Nokia Coloud Boom, a simple user's guide and a small Coloud logo.

Nokia Coloud Boom is on-ear headphones with dimensions: 160 mm height, 145 mm width and weight is only 132 gram. The main connectivity is standard AV connectors: 3.5 mm stereo headphone connector. For audio section, Nokia Coloud Boom is powered by 40 mm high performance speaker driver, 32 ohm Speaker impedance and 20 - 20 000 Hz Frequency response.

Covered by plastic material, Nokia Coloud Boom is so lightweight. The weight is only 132 gram, but you should have no to worry about the plastic material, because of it comes with good and nice finish so it doesn't look like a cheap headphones.
To match with your Nokia Lumia or Nokia Asha colors, Nokia Coloud Boom have 3 different colors, they are Cyan, Red and Yellow. The colors's availability is depends on your country.
The second things after lightweight, Nokia Coloud Boom comes with simple design. The design is similar to any other headphones on the market, but it completed by a simple and small remote control button with built in microphone. You can use the remote control button for answering & closing a call, play, pause, go to next or previous song.
Using the remote control button, there are some tricks to pick up a call and go to next or previous song. For example, 1 click for pick up a call, play and pause. 2 clicks for go to next song and 3 clicks to go to previous song. it is so easy to use right?
Last but not least, Nokia Coloud Boom is completed by "Zound Lasso" that will helps you to stay away from cable tangle. How it works? just simply clip the "Zound Lasso" around the flat cable.

Compared to Nokia Coloud Knock and Coloud Pop Headphones, Nokia Coloud Boom have more bass than the others. How about Noise Cancellation feature? Nokia Coloud Boom doesn't have it, but we think that without that feature, Nokia Coloud Boom is already enough to reduce noise.
You can adjust the equalizer on your Nokia Lumia or any other gadgets to match with your taste. We tried with Nokia Lumia 920 with several preset equalizer and custom equalizer. Our score for sound quality is 7 out of 10. 
We give score 8.5 out of 10 to Nokia Coloud Boom Headphones when we plugged in to PC or Laptop. The sound is more powerful when we plugged in to PC/Laptop rather than to Nokia Lumia 920.

Nokia Coloud  Boom Headphones HS-530 is compatible with devices supporting 3.5 mm connector including Nokia Lumia, Nokia Asha with AHJ jack, devices running Windows Phone and iOS operating system. 

If you are interesting to buy This Nokia Coloud Boom Headphones, you can find this stuff at your nearest Nokia Store across Indonesia.

Learn more about Nokia Coloud Boom Headphones here and don't forget to join our  #PlayMixRadio quiz until December 15, 2013. We're giving away 10 Nokia Coloud Boom Headphones to 10 Winners.

Hands-On Nokia Coloud Boom Headphones HS-530 Hands-On Nokia Coloud Boom Headphones HS-530 Reviewed by Rizky Adriansyah on Desember 08, 2013 Rating: 5