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Nokia MixRadio - Easiest and The Most Personal Radio Station

Recenty, Nokia just announced the new Nokia MixRadio, with lots of new features that really makes the personal internet radio service more fun and enjoyable. 

With it's tagline, "Your own personal radio station", the new Nokia MixRadio now has a feature that can automatically mixes the playlist to match our tastes. All in a beautiful new interface, no ads, and free. Here's some of key features that makes the new Nokia MixRadio stands out from other similar music services:

  • Play Me
The new Play Me button helps you listen to the song that match your personal taste. By scan your music collection or adding you favorite artists, Play Me will automatically make new mixes that matches your taste. There's also a "Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down" button when you listen to a song, that can help the mixes make more personal tracklist to suits your taste.

  • Mixes / Curated Mix
A hundreds of mix, built manually by the music experts (or "MixMasters"), and also from a celebrity such as Ellie Goulding, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Above & Beyond. All of those mixes available to accompany you in all your daily situations and activities. You can choose a mix that plays the most memorable songs, top charts, your genres etc, as Nokia MixRadio has more than 18 million songs!

  •  Create A Mix
You can also create your own personal mix. Simply by adding three of your favorite artists, your Lumia smartphone will provide songs that similar to your choice of artists for you to enjoy.
  • Offline Mix
No need to worry if you want to listen to a mix in a location that has a network problem. You can download all your favourite mixes, so you can enjoy the songs anytime and anywhere. Our tips: download your favourite mixes first on a free-wifi zone, then you can saves your internet data efficiently.

  • Share A Mix
You can share your mix to your friend easily to social media, LinkedIn, and even text message / e-mail, so that your friend can know and enjoy your taste of music. On some Lumia smartphones with NFC (Near Field Communication), you can share you mix even easier by just tapping your Lumia to your friend's phone.

  • Personal, Simple, Social
In short, Nokia MixRadio is a music service that understands what song you are listening to. With simple interface, easy to use "Play Me" feature, bunch of Curated Mixes you can choose, no ads, no subscription, plus you can share your music tastes, so that you can stay up-to-date with your friends.
So that's some of the key features for the new Nokia MixRadio. Download the Nokia MixRadio and start your own personal radio! :)

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Source: Nokia, Nokia Conversations

Nokia MixRadio - Easiest and The Most Personal Radio Station Nokia MixRadio - Easiest and The Most Personal Radio Station Reviewed by Prasetyo Herfianto on November 22, 2013 Rating: 5