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New York City Ride with @Nokia #ZoomReinvented

Back to 11th July 2013, After the press conference event of Nokia Lumia 1020 at Pier 92 New York City, US, nokianesia invited by Nokia joined an 1 Hour New York City Ride together with other invitation.

The Bus is called "The Ride" Bus is unique Bus with panorama view, cool design  and also with nice interior, full music and funny MC. This Bus will bring us to downtown Manhattan, New York Times Square and much more.

So, please enjoy the ride !!

The Ride Bus

The Ride Bus

More than your eyes can see video on The Ride Bus

Juha Alakarhu, @Jalakarhu - Eero Salmelin, @EeroSalmelin from Nokia Imaging

We Are Ready to Depart

Celebrating "New Year" eve at Times Square

New Yorker

Grand Central Station, NYC

New York Public Library

Colorful McDonald's

Rap Show

Team Yellow ?

Live Street Performance
Shot by Nokia 808 PureView & Lumia 920

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