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Nokia Indonesia "Global Launch" Event on September 25th 2012

Nokia Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Elop currently visited Jakarta, Indonesia for several agendas and activities in downtown Jakarta.

Several agendas and activities are meet with Nokia Indonesia team, meet with several Nokia Developer Indonesia and survey to ITC Roxy Mas Mall to see Nokia's product on the several Nokia Stores and dealers.

Stephen Elop met with several Nokia Developer from Indonesia at Nokia Indonesia Headquarter in Jakarta, Indonesia. Picture by @andri_yadi

Stephen Elop tweet about Nokia Asha in Jakarta, Indonesia

So what is the main agenda?
Is Stephen Elop come to Jakarta to launch some new Nokia devices?

Well, we have a little bit teaser that Nokia Indonesia will have an activity on September 25th 2012. From Kompas Tekno, we believe that Nokia Indonesia will launch New Nokia Device(s) on that day. Kompas Tekno has received an invitation from Nokia Indonesia regarding that event.

In English:
"We glad to invite you to "Global Nokia Launch" in Jakarta, Indonesia on Tuesday, September 25th 2012"
In that invitation, Kompas Tekno said there are no more information about what devices will be launched on September 25th 2012.

But, refer to our posts & tweets, There are several new Nokia devices already passed the certification from Directorate Post and Telecommunication Indonesia. The devices are:
  1. Nokia Asha 308 - RM 838
  2. Nokia Asha 309 - RM
  3. Nokia 510 - RM 889

So, what will be launched or will be introduced for the first time to the world on September 25th 2012? Nokia Asha 308 and Nokia Asha 309? or The new Nokia 510? or maybe Nokia will start selling The Brand new Nokia Lumia 920 & Nokia Lumia 820?

Wait until September 25th 2012, We will inform you as soon as possible.


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