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"WhatsApp 2.8" for Nokia Lumia is Now Available

WhatsApp for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone currently back to marketplace after almost 2 weeks disappeared for Marketplace.

WhatApp comes with several new features, more stable smoother than previous version and many more.

  • 3 new options on the App bar: 
    • Search
    • Status
    • Create Group
  • New Transitions Animations
  • More responsive
  • Smoother than previous one
  • WhatsApp v
  • Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 7.5 (Nokia Lumia 900,800,710,610)
  • Free
Thank to @Z3MN for the tips

"WhatsApp 2.8" for Nokia Lumia is Now Available "WhatsApp 2.8" for Nokia Lumia is Now Available Reviewed by Rizky Adriansyah on Agustus 12, 2012 Rating: 5

6 komentar

  1. Hi There,

    After updating to 2.8.0 on my lumia 800 I can't see large messages anymore. It seems that the screen autoadjust and only the top line of the lines are displayed. Anybody else? Just start typing a large message until the screen begins to scroll.


  2. same here, gets very laggy with larger conversations and text disappears off screen with larger textblocks. Better not to update unless you have to.

  3. Yeah. Same here. Bring back the older version! This sucks..

  4. This completely sucks, it is hanging so many times and just locking the whole application, you have to leave it , but it wont let you, it is just a pile of pants.

  5. Very bad update! One of the worst ever made! Version 1.0.0 was more responsive than this one! They have to make a new update soon!

  6. yes I installed it on my nokia lumia 800, the text disappears for long messages now which is annoying and didn't happen in the previous version but to me the most annoying part is that after this update it keeps freezing and you have to wait even a few minutes before it works again. I wish I never installed this update, it was working perfectly before it :) I am hoping all this will be fixed as it looks like it's not only happening to me but to most users.