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"Slapillar" - Fun Game for Nokia S40 Touch & Belle OS

Slapiilar game is a fun game for Nokia S40 Touch and Nokia Anna, Belle OS. This game is developed by Arsanesia Indonesia.

In this game you must save the tree by slapping the bugs and the caterpillar which comes down from the tree. 

The Story
Slapillar is based from story in Indonesia on Year of 1936. The story tell about a lady in Indonesia planting seed of holy tree. This holy tree is well preserve until today. Now, The lady already has children and grandchildren and continue advise to save the holy tree. However, a caterpillar outbreak hit several places in Indonesia, including attacking the holy tree. In this game, You'll act as a grandchildreen. Your job is saving the holy tree from the bugs and caterpillars attack.

How To Play
  1. Smash / Slap the caterpillars
  2. Do not Smash / Slap the caterpillars
  3. Watch the itch meter, if full, you can't slap the caterpillars
  • Slapillar 1.0
  • Nokia S40 Touch (Nokia Asha 303,302,300,X3-02,etc)
  • Nokia Anna, Belle OS (Nokia N8,E7,X7,701,701,etc)
  • IDR 3.000


"Slapillar" - Fun Game for Nokia S40 Touch & Belle OS "Slapillar" - Fun Game for Nokia S40 Touch & Belle OS Reviewed by nokianesia on April 14, 2012 Rating: 5