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New Version of Nokia Maps Suite

Quick update for Nokia Maps Suite beta from Nokia Beta Labs team.

Nokia Maps Suite containing:
  1. Nokia Places - Discover places around you.
  2. Nokia Public Transport - Plan your journey from here to there easily.
  3. Nokia Pulse - Privately share and discuss your location, photos, and more.
This version brings some update and fix some bugs :
  1. Login – fewer Nokia Account login prompts.
  2. Notifications – more reliable push notifications.
  3. Keyboard – various bug fixes including stuck CAP lock, frozen cursor, delete key stops functioning, and we also added split-screen feature.
  4. Interoperability – compatible with latest versions of various Qt components, especially important because the latest Store client available this week uses a new version of a dependency that is not compatible with the previous Pulse v0.91(6).
Compatible with
  1. Symbian^3, Anna, Belle
Installation Notes:
We strongly recommend that you update to Symbian Anna before trying to install.

Uninstall Instructions

To uninstall Nokia Maps Suite from your device,  delete the following files from App Manager:

  1. “declarative_places0”
  2. “declarative_places_ui0”
  3. “Nokia Maps Suite”
  4. “Nokia Public Transport”
  5. “Places”
  6. “Pulse”
  7. “Pulse Library”
  8. “qtplaces0”


Nokia Places

Nokia Public Transport

Nokia Pulse


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