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ActiveJack App for Nokia Symbian Devices

ActiveJack by Alexander Fokin is a utility application that enable you to start and stop the music player automatically when you plugged/unplugged your Headset to the Nokia.

"Music starts playing when I connect the earphone. When I disconnect the earphone, my media player closes. Do you want the same? ActiveJack allows you to set actions made when you connect or disconnect your earphone! A wide choice of actions available. 

Different actions for connection and disconnection. Create your own scripts. Automate routine activities!"

  1. Play in Music Player
  2. Pause in Music Player
  3. Stop In music player
  4. Set volume in music player
  5. Launch the application
  6. Send task to background
  7. Bring task to foreground
  8. Close task
  9. etc
  1. Nokia Symbian S60 5th
  2. Symbian^3, Nokia Anna, Nokia Belle OS
Rp. 5.000


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ActiveJack App for Nokia Symbian Devices ActiveJack App for Nokia Symbian Devices Reviewed by nokianesia on Desember 29, 2011 Rating: 5