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"GoToMenu" - Updated to Version 1.01

"GoToMenu" - "Swipe" your Nokia Touch Devices !!

Version      : 1.01
Price         : Indonesia (Rp 3.000)
Devices     : Symbian^3, Symbian 5th
Developer : Dzybba - http://dzsoftware.ru

GoToMenu allows you to switch between homescreen and menu by one touch to the screen. Slide on the screen from top to bottom to switch to menu. Slide on the screen from right to left to switch to home screen. Note: app work only in portrait mode.

Simply touch the homescreen and "swipe" it to switch to your menu. The application is easy to use. You can setting the application to "autostart enabled", switch enabled/disabled.

What's new in Version 1.01

  1. Works in landscape mode
  2. Swipe in application
  3. Show "Task List" when swiping
  4. Performance Improve
  5. You can choose list of apps, where to work in program

"GoToMenu" - Updated to Version 1.01 "GoToMenu" - Updated to Version 1.01 Reviewed by nokianesia on Juli 14, 2011 Rating: 5

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