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[Free App] "Movreak" for Symbian^3 Updated to V 1.3

"Movreak" for Symbian^3 Updated to V 1.3

Version      : 1.3
Price         : Free
Devices     : Symbian^3

Movreak is a social network-based mobile app around movies and cinemas. 
You can get some informations about movie informations, showtime, give a review, seat plan and also sharing movie informations to your twitter & facebook account.

Movreak is Local application from Indonesia and also winner of The Best Local Mobile Application from Sinyal’s Indonesia Cellular Award (ICA) 2011.

What's new in Movreak 1.3

  • New Home page layout (add Profile icon).
  • New Theater information page.
  • Now with Nokia Maps for theater location.
  • Post/Share to Facebook feature.
  • Added Profile Page.
  • Added "Select your favourite theater to filter movie schedule".
  • Added Singapore Data (Movie, Theater, Schedule).
  • Added "My Events" feature.
  • Added "Nonton Bareng" feature (Integrated with Facebook Event).
  • Added "New Status" feature to post status to Facebook/Twitter.
  • New  Login with Facebook/ Twitter Account.
  • New option in Setting page.
  • Faster than V 1.1
  • Performance Improvement.
  • etc.
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Thank to Dycode team to make this app for symbian 3 devices :)

[Free App] "Movreak" for Symbian^3 Updated to V 1.3 [Free App] "Movreak" for Symbian^3 Updated to V 1.3 Reviewed by nokianesia on Juli 20, 2011 Rating: 5

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